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Features holidays in Goa

India is a very popular tourist destination among our compatriots …

Features holidays in Goa

But if 5-10 years ago tours to India were purchased because of the desire to just see this country, familiar from childhood from Kipling’s tales, now this desire has become more focused – most of our tourists go to the state of Goa – the main and world famous beach resort countries.

The coast in Goa stretches for almost 112 kilometers, forming about forty beautiful long beaches. The state is divided into North and South Goa, the conditional “border” between which is considered the fort Aguada.

Goa coast stretches for almost 112 kilometers

South Goa – the most civilized and most adapted to the needs of “package tourists” area. Accommodation in hotels of this part is considered more expensive, and even by European standards. Therefore, the resorts of this part are popular mainly among wealthy Europeans and wealthy Indian tourists.

Northern Goa, on the contrary, is the exact opposite of southern Goa – noisy, inexpensive and very democratic. Here, mostly advanced American and European youths hang out, including many Russians. It is for the sake of local mega parties that crowds of young people from all over the world flock here.

Speaking of Russians, Goa even has a so-called “Russian village” Morjim. According to statistics, about 80% of the local tourists here are Russians.

Russian village Morjim

Even among the inhabitants of India, a country known for its originality, unique national and cultural flavor, Goa is considered an exotic place, a completely different culture from the rest of India. What contributed to a considerable degree for several centuries, during which Goa was a Portuguese colony. The Portuguese actively promoted Christianity, a significant part of the indigenous population of this Indian state are Catholic Christians. The colonial period left deep traces in the history and culture of Goa, the local Christian churches are considered the most beautiful in Asia. Many civilian buildings in the so-called “Portuguese colonial style” have also been preserved.

Portuguese historical heritage

Those who purchase tours to Goa for the first time should not particularly trust the legends about the “paradise of permissiveness” there, super-free customs, semi-legal cheap drugs and the like. These legends and conjectures are rooted in the 60s of the last century, when Goa “discovered” and began to actively explore European hippies. Upon arrival here they threw away tickets and passports, and remained to live in this paradise for many years, however, in an illegal situation. Actually, from this time begins the history of Goa as a resort. Following the hippies, more respectable European tourists began to come here, and since about the mid-90s, our compatriots have been actively developing the resort.

Goa Features

Contrary to rumors, the customs in Goa are now quite strict, the punishment for drug trafficking is rather severe, tourists are facing real imprisonment for delaying a visa – up to 5 years in prison, it is forbidden to sell alcohol in stores after 21 hours, and you can sell them in restaurants and disco bars now only until 01 at night. Plus, the police are actively fighting the famous beach mega parties, as a ban on loud music was introduced earlier after 22 hours. State authorities want to turn Goa into a family resort. But all these rigors will not prevent a real tourist from getting a great mass of positive impressions in Goa.

Trans party in Goa

Fans of the “fried” in the sun and swim in the sea, surfers, lovers of diving, cycling and mototourism will also be able to spend their vacations in Goa, everything you need for such a vacation is in local hotels. And the Goans themselves, with the exception of, perhaps, only local taxi drivers, are very hospitable, sociable and friendly to tourists.

Beaches of goa

Goa and downshifters from around the world fell in love with the special atmosphere of freedom. Now there is even a special term – “goashifters”. For those who are not in the know, downshifters are lucky, leading a measured lifestyle in the lap of nature, radically changing their lifestyle, abandoning workaholism, stress associated with work and other corporate shiz.

And finally, a little about the weather, the best time of the year to relax in Goa is from mid-November to mid-February, when it is dry and comfortable.

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