Marianske Lazne
Unlike other resorts, Marianske Lazne offers treatment for a wide range of diseases. This is primarily due to the fact that the chemical composition of the sources are very different…

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Monaco, affordable luxury ...
Monaco is a small country, barely visible on the world map. But it’s hard to find someone who has never heard anything about this amazing country. Monaco, affordable luxury ...…

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Dubai Venice - Madinat Jumeirah District
In this article we will talk about one of the most prestigious resort complexes of the most expensive Dubai Jumeirah district - Madinat Jumeirah ... Dubai Venice - Madinat Jumeirah…

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Hotels are classified into five categories: “super-luxury” (5 *), “luxury” (5 *), first class (4 *), second class (three-star) and third class (two-star).

Prices largely depend on the season and location of the hotel. The hotels above the luxury class usually have a fitness center, a sauna, a business center, restaurants and cafes. In such places you need to pay an additional tax of 10% on value added and 10% service tax.


One of the most affordable types of housing in Korea is motels and oggany. Most motels are located near bus terminals, train stations and crowded places. There are a lot of motels, it’s not difficult to find, they are relatively cheap, and therefore you should not expect very good service from them. As a rule, there are always free rooms, if this is not the peak season or any holiday.

Yoghvans usually offer rooms with an “ondol” (heated floor) and a simple set of bedding. If you want to get a room in a Western style (that is, with a bed), then it makes sense to ask about it in advance. Typically, these rooms cost from 25,000 to 50,000 won, but prices can rise during the peak season (April-May, July-August, October-November). In winter, very often all motels near ski resorts are fully occupied.

Guest houses

Guesthouse is an inexpensive and good way to get to know Korean culture and meet other foreigners. Backpackers can learn a lot from guest house owners. In addition, they have the opportunity to meet Koreans at special weekend programs. Staying in a guest house, foreign tourists can get to know Korea better and meet Korean friends. Most guesthouses are remodeled from ordinary apartment buildings (usually shared bathroom) and are located near the city center or tourist attractions. Price per night is around 15,000-40,000 won.


A condominium is a comfortable home like an apartment. Here you can cook, as well as a meeting room, swimming pool and other entertainment venues, there are supermarkets and restaurants nearby. Condominiums are usually located close to ski resorts, famous mountains, parks and beaches and are usually very large in scale.

At the height of the season, living in condominiums for non-members of the condominium is practically impossible, but non-members of the condominium can also use the condominium during off-season times.

The cost of living in a condominium depends on the level of service, so prices range from an average of 30,000 to 100,000 won per night.


The term “residence” means “hotel to stay.” The meaning of this phrase is to designate a hotel that combines the conditions of a regular tourist hotel and the so-called “offi cels” (premises for housing and work at the same time). Such residences are becoming increasingly popular among foreigners because of their versatility and relatively low prices.

A room in such a hotel can serve both for living and for business, as it has a kitchen and a study (or a separate space reserved for a study). As a rule, gyms, the Internet, restaurants, etc. are available in such hotels. The security system is activated 24 hours a day.

Some residences have everything necessary for washing or cooking food in the room, or offer these services separately. Other services are also available: post office, lounges, etc.

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In South Korea, surrounded on three sides by the seas, there are a large number of diverse beaches. The air temperature in July and August reaches 30 ° C, so most beaches open in early July and close in late August.

Each coast of Korea has its own characteristics:

The east coast is very clean, however with big waves. All the beaches of this coast, as a rule, have pleasant to the touch white sand, on which you can walk barefoot.

The coastline of the West Coast (Yellow Sea) is very rugged, there is a very shallow depth and a lot of crabs found in coastal sand. There are wonderful sunset views from this coast.

The coastline of the South Coast (Korea Strait) is also very rugged. Here you can find many good beaches, in the water area of ​​this coast there are many large and small islands, the largest and most famous of which is Jeju Island.

Jeju is one of the best diving sites in South Korea. The island has many dive centers. All year round, under the influence of the subtropical current, the water temperature is kept at 20 ° C, due to which various species of fish, colorful corals and underwater plants that form an amazing underwater world are found here.

In the area of ​​Munsop Island, located in the coastal zone of Seogwipo, the beauty of the underwater world is so unusual that it is one of the 10 most famous diving sites.

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