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Holidays in Courchevel – for different tastes and wallets

The scandal with the Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, which happened several years ago, made the French Courchevel in the minds of our compatriots a symbol of super-expensive vacation, accessible only to very rich people …

Holidays in Courchevel – for different tastes and wallets

However, a careful study of the offers of travel agencies shows that this is not so.

Steps of height, beauty …
Not everyone knows that Courchevel is not one city, it is five small villages united in one resort, but located at different heights. Location – French Alps, Savoy department.

At a relatively low altitude – 1100 meters is the village of Saint-Bon-Tarentaise. Hotel “Le Lac Blue” is the first hotel that was opened in 1925 especially for lovers of winter holidays. Actually, from here the world fame of Courchevel went. Here, in Saint-Bon-Tarentaise, the atmosphere of traditional peaceful relaxation reigns in its European sense, with a promenade alley, cozy cafes, from which you can see picturesque alpine landscapes, etc.

A little higher, at an altitude of 1300 meters, sheltered the village of Le Pre. A typical alpine village, with winding streets, cozy houses, among them the famous French chalets, houses made of natural stones, some of them are about a thousand years old. Residents are committed to traditions, maintain a rural lifestyle, and at the same time hotel and tourist services are at the highest level.

Further (that is, above) begins the Courchevel itself, or rather, three Courchevel, designated with the addition of height in meters – Courchevel 1500, the more expensive and respectable Courchevel 1650 and, finally, Courchevel 1850, the center of the most expensive hotels, the most exquisite restaurants and shops of the famous luxury brands.

All these separate tourist areas are connected by modern ski lifts.

… and cost
Rich tourists in the coming winter will be able to go for 11 days to the French Alps, paying “only” 26.7 thousand euros. The indicated amount includes a business class flight to Geneva, an individual private premium car transfer, as well as ski medical insurance, a ski pass and, of course, accommodation at the luxurious five-star Le K2 hotel, with two meals included in the price of the tour.

However, among the offers of travel agencies there are more modest ones. You can, for example, spend a week in a two-star hotel Edelweiss, paying (including breakfast) a little more than 140 thousand rubles. The cost of the tour consists of the flight Moscow – Geneva – Moscow (economy class), the cost of the transfer (from Geneva to Courchevel is quite far) and ski health insurance.

Even cheaper, 70 thousand rubles, will cost a week to stay in a very decent apartment Les Brigues Residenca. The cost of the tour includes a flight to Geneva, back, and a transfer. At the same time, meals are not included in the price of the ticket, however, the tour operator applies medical insurance.

At one’s own risk
If none of the offers of tour operators suits you, or if you fundamentally recognize only a vacation organized independently, a trip to Courchevel will be quite costly for you. Only a flight in early January from Moscow to Geneva and back in early January will cost about 12 thousand rubles. A car transfer for four tourists to the resort is another 288 euros (for a car for eight people you will have to pay a little more – 345 euros).

A day for two in the apartments of Dans Chalet de Montagne, in Saint-Bon-Tarentaise, will cost 4.5 thousand rubles. For this amount you will be given access to unlimited Internet, a barbecue with all the amenities and the opportunity to enjoy the enchanting views of the French Alps from the open terrace as much as you like.

The cost of food in this case deserves special mention. In a decent restaurant (Courchevel there is no other), you can have lunch without undue luxury, without losing a lot of expenses. So, for pizza in the best rating institution of Courchevel Black Pearl, a tourist must pay 9.5 euros. But aside from mass tourist routes for the same money you can get a comprehensive lunch or breakfast.

If the purpose of your trip to Courchevel is skiing (as it should be), prepare 210 euros for the cheapest pass (ski pass) to the ski slopes and to the ski lifts. And be sure to spend 1.5 thousand rubles (this per day!) For special ski insurance, without it you can only admire the alpine landscapes.

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