Sights of Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan is our close neighbor. This country has not only a common border with Russia, but a common historical past, and many spiritual, economic and humanitarian ties. However, how much…

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If you plan to travel the Czech Republic by car, be sure to put in your wallet the rights, vehicle registration certificate and green insurance. The latter can be bought…

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The main architectural sights of Brno are located in the historic center of the city. The central part of the city, which is a pedestrian zone, is surrounded by a…

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If you plan to travel the Czech Republic by car, be sure to put in your wallet the rights, vehicle registration certificate and green insurance. The latter can be bought right at the border.

On a note:

speed in the village no more than 50 km / h;

day and night, turn on the dipped headlights;

holy trams – we let through, without hesitation, like pedestrians;

children sit in a car seat or booster.

Most Czech motorways are paid. To travel on such roads you need a vignette, which you can buy at any gas station. Only this should be done before entering the paid site. Otherwise, a fine of 200 euros. The cost of the vignette for 10 days is 11 euros, for 1 month 17.

Car rental is easier and cheaper on or on In the first case, you will have to block the deductible and deposit, in the second there is a chance to take a car without unnecessary collateral.

Up Last changes: 10/06/2019
You can buy a SIM card of any of the Czech operators in large stores and mobile phone stores without presenting a passport. A vodafone card with a 4 GB package costs 399 kroons.

When exchanging currency in a supermarket, if you have been “cheated,” you have the right to refuse the transaction. Yes, return with a check and refuse the transaction.

In any hypermarket, you can easily issue a Tax-Free. To do this, contact the information desk on the ground floor with a check and goods. Fill out the form and provide your passport. Take the paper and do not violate the integrity of the packaging of transported goods. Tearing off labels is also not recommended.

Czech institutions work strictly by the hour. It’s pointless to run into it five minutes before the store closes. You will not be served.

Pay attention to the marking line in Prague when parking. The blue bar is only for local residents, alas, you can’t leave your iron friend.

In restaurants, check the bill. They like to enter extra dishes and tips. Remember, tips are voluntary.
The Czech Republic is a time-limited tourist’s dream.

The state is very compact: 3 hours to the East and you to Brno, the same amount to the South – in Cesky Krumlov, to Karlovy Vary 2 and a half hours. And all this is different parts of the republic.

You can’t go around the Czech Republic in a week, of course, but the coolest places fit into our concept:

Get well at Czech springs. Karlovy Vary and Marianske Lazne are legendary resorts. Here Peter I, Chopin and Goethe, Beethoven and Freud, Paganini and Mozart improved their health. The resort community received fame deservedly. Mineral springs have the same composition, but different temperatures, due to which almost all ailments are treated here.

Relax on the Kamenetsovo lake. In the Czech Republic there is no sea. But there is an incredibly beautiful and unique Kamenetsovo lake in Chomutov. By the composition of the water, the lake has no analogues in nature, although 10 years ago there was a competitor at Kamentsovo – in Canada. Unfortunately, the reservoir did not stand the test of time. Is dry. Today, all-seeing Germans and Scandinavians have chosen Kamentsovo, thus replacing holidays on the Dead Sea. By the way, the lake never blooms. In any weather and at any temperature, it remains clean.

Makhovo Lake and Lipno are the rising stars of lake tourism in the Czech Republic. The water here is completely ordinary. Unusual nature. Lipno is located in the Šumava Nature Reserve, 20 km from Cesky Krumlov. Makhovo – in Doksy near the Kokorzhinsky Reserve and Bezdez Castle.

Go down the dice. Ancient burials in the form of open bones are scattered throughout the country. In Brno, there is a whole system of dungeons: a ossuary in the Church of St. Jacek (the second largest in Europe after Paris), catacombs under the Vegetable Market and the tomb of the Capuchins. Not far from Kutna Hora, in the Siedlec settlement, you will find the All Saints Cemetery Church, where 40,000 people found peace.

Speechless at the sight of natural wealth. The Czech Republic has much to be proud of, except for Prague and castle complexes. This is Panchava waterfall in Krkonoše. And the rocky city of Adrschach with an azure lake, caves, canyons and labyrinths of incredible beauty. What about the mysterious Czech Switzerland? Or maybe better in the caves of the Moravian Karst, which destroy the laws of the universe by rocks growing parallel to the surface of the earth?

Find the entrance to the underworld in Gouska Castle or the ghosts in Karlstejn Castle. Found already? Then go ahead for new adventures – look for the Devil’s head. Hint: the sculpture is cut out in the rocks (and this is not Adrspach).

Do Pilsner, Goat and Gambrinus tell you anything? If so, go to Pilsen for a tasting. After all, it was here that the noble beer aroma first spilled. They will show and tell you all the secrets of brewing. They will conduct an excursion and treat them with unfiltered beer straight from the oak barrel, where it matures. Official site of the Pilsner Museum

Ski lovers should definitely visit the slopes of Mount Snezka at least once. For example, in Pets complex. 11 ski slopes at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level, and climatic conditions are as close as possible to the cold Arctic.

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