There are many wonders in Spain, even the beaches are unusual. Some are completely hidden under water at high tide, others are hidden among the coastal cliffs. On some beaches, sand is of an unusual black color, and there are those that, like two drops of water, are similar to the beaches of the Caribbean.

We suggest you to get acquainted with the most unusual Spanish beaches.

1. Gulpiyuri Beach (Asturias)

Gulpiyuri (Asturias)

In the north of Spain, between the small towns of Ribadesella and Llanes, is located one of the smallest beaches in the world, Gulpiyuri, recognized as a natural attraction. Its width is only 50 m – a real beach in miniature. But it is unique not only for its size. The fact is that Gulpiyuri is a sea beach, but is not located on the sea coast. As a result of the erosive effect of the sea on coastal cliffs, karst craters formed. During high tide, the funnel is filled with sea water through the opening between the rocks. Continue reading