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Travel to the land of giants – in the UAE

Traveling to the UAE is a great way to see something unusual, because the Asian flavor is completely different from any European state.

Travel to the Land of the Giants – United Arab Emirates

This is one of the characteristics of the Emirates. The UAE has not only a lot of sand, but also interesting buildings, most of which are modern buildings, which seemed to be specially made to become the largest and brightest in the world.

Going to the UAE, I expected to see a lot of unusual things for myself. After all, a huge sandy desert is a rare phenomenon for our country.

Travel to the United Arab Emirates

Arriving at the Abu Dhabi airport, I immediately armed myself with a tablet and placed an order for a car using the portal Since there are a lot of luxury cars in the country, the choice of cars offered was very unusual. Most of the cars offered at the rental, I clearly could not afford. But even cheaper cars would look very bright on the streets of European cities. I decided not to spend a lot of money on the car, because I assumed that in the future I would find more reasonable use of my finances. Choosing a good car with air conditioning and a comfortable interior, I hit the road. By the way, I chose Toyota Camry.

Abu Dhabi

In Abu Dhabi, indeed, many buildings simply grow to the skies, making it look like an American city with oriental flavor.

Abu Dhabi City

One of the highlights in the city is the local palace. Al Khosh is one of the symbols of the city and the oldest building. He not only served as the residence of a local sheikh, but was also a fortress protecting the city. But the snow-white walls of the fortress seem like a mockery compared to the nearby high-rise buildings that are hundreds of meters higher than Al Khosh. Alas, it was not possible to get into the fort, since it turned out to be closed to visitors, so I had to confine myself to an external inspection of its walls.

Al Khosh Palace

Thus, with an inspection of ancient places, I finished in just an hour. The sweltering heat did not contribute to a long walk along the hot streets. And I happily headed to the park, which I saw from the window of my car. Although the trees didn’t really hide me, the proximity of several fountains and fresh greenery made me get used to the city, which consisted entirely of glass and asphalt.

Abu Dhabi Embankment

From there I went on foot to the promenade, which is literally a three-minute walk away. From there, an excellent view of the ocean opens, and it itself represents an almost continuous park, stretching for several kilometers, and decorated with several beautiful fountains. In the distance, on the other side, numerous skyscrapers of the city are visible, it is especially pleasant to walk along the promenade in the evening, when the sun does not so scorch you.

Promenade in Abu Dhabi


Then I decided to go to Dubai, besides the other notable cities are also located in the eastern part of the country. Traveling through the desert was only interesting at first, when the unfamiliarity of the landscape distracted from the scorching sun and shiny sand. But when I saw Dubai, I was delighted, as if I had arrived home.

Dubai Fountain

The city turned out to be much more interesting places. In addition to many modern buildings in the city, you can see old buildings, and even colorful boats remaining in the local port, despite the presence of many convenient boats. In the evening I looked with admiration at the local fountain, which hit with colorful jets in the night sky directly from the surface of the lake. The jets reached a hundred meters high – a truly beautiful sight.

Dubai Aquarium

In the city you can watch the life of the inhabitants of the sea, simply by going to one of the entertainment centers. There is a huge aquarium that hides thousands of fish.

Burj khalifa

Another bright page of the city is the tallest building in the world. Numerous shopping centers are located there, which made it possible to get inside and even look at Dubai and the desert from an observation deck from a height of almost 500 meters. Prices are not weak there. Therefore, I tried to get around local institutions.

Burj al arab

Of course, this is far from all the sights of the city – there are many of them, but they had to be examined in the late afternoon so as not to worry about the high temperature. But in general, the UAE cities seemed to be specially created in order to show all the most huge and expensive that you can see – buildings, cars, hotels, restaurants.

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