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The best beaches of Sharm El Sheikh

Thanks to decent service by “Egyptian standards”, a transparent sea and chic coral reefs, Charm is without exaggeration the most popular Egyptian resort among foreign tourists …

In this article we will talk about the beach nuances of this resort area, and determine the best beaches of Sharm El Sheikh, in terms of a comfortable beach holiday.

The best beaches of Sharm El Sheikh

The vast majority of local beaches here are coral, that is, corals start almost from the coast, stretch on average 20-50 meters, so without special protective shoes, swimming from the coast is simply dangerous, especially for children. Almost all hotels equipped their beaches with pontoons that go beyond the borders of reefs, so that tourists can safely go to the depths along them, without fear of cutting themselves on corals.

Pontoon in Sharm El Sheikh

For better or worse, the opinions of tourists on this subject are undressed. But we think many will agree that just coral beaches are the main wealth of the resorts of the Red Sea, because it is here, right on the coast, just with your head down in the water you can see all the diversity of the underwater world.

The best beaches of Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt

In addition, many beaches in Sharm are rather narrow, rocky and multi-level, which is why you can only go down to the sea by stairs. Therefore, when choosing a hotel, especially if you are traveling with children, we recommend that you study its description and photos of its beach.

Many beaches in Sharm are rather narrow, rocky and tiered.

The first Sharma hotels located in Naama Bay can be said to be lucky, because they managed to solve the problem with corals – they just knocked them out, thus making themselves sandy entrances to the sea. But for more than 20 years in the Red Sea it has been strictly forbidden to cut corals, so in most Shar-El-Sheikh hotels only coral beaches.

Naama Bay in Sharm El Sheikh

If you are interested in beaches with only a good sandy entrance to the sea, these are, first of all, hotels on the first line of the Naama Bay area. There are not many of them, mainly 4-5 stars and I work on half board (breakfast and dinner).

Here we can advise, first of all, the Hilton Fayrouz 4 + * hotel, it has the longest beach in the bay – almost 700 meters, a significant part of which is cleared of corals, but there are also small areas with corals.

Hilton Fayrouz Beach

Hilton Fayrouz Beach

Next to Naama is another wonderful hotel – Movenpick Naama Bay 5 *, its former name is Sofitel. The hotel is built on a hill with excellent views of the entire bay and has as many as 4 small beaches, including a sandy entrance to the sea.

One of the four beaches of Movenpick Naama Bay

We move on, now to the beaches of Sharm el Maya Bay, located about 7.5 kilometers southwest of Naama Bay. It is here that the only natural sandy beach of Sharm El Sheikh is located.

Sharm el Maya Bay

The beach of Iberotel Palace 5 *

Here we recommend the Iberotel Palace 5 * hotels (since the fall of 2013 it works only with adults, that is, they don’t place children here) and Dessole Seti Sharm Resort 4 *. These two hotels really have the best sandy beaches of Sharm El Sheikh, where you can swim barefoot without any problems.

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