Travel to the land of giants - in the UAE
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The most disappointing sights

Whatever country you are going to, guides, articles on the Internet, brochures must mention the main local attractions.

The most disappointing sights

Tourists are waiting for meetings with them, hoping to see something original and memorable. Alas, after visiting some attractions instead of joy and vivid impressions, sometimes disappointment comes …


Most disappointing sights: Angel of the North in the UK

The world’s largest image of an angel is located near the British city of Gateshead, tourists are often brought there. The author is a modern sculptor Anthony Gormley. The British themselves believe that “this terrible freak dishonors art.” What is difficult to argue with a glance at the picture of the “Angel of the North”.


Bruce Lee Monument, Hong Kong

Monument to the legendary actor and athlete, “King of Martial Arts” Bruce Lee is located on Star Street in Hong Kong. But it is not easy for tourists to find it here, even with the help of (not free!) Local residents. A small sculpture is simply lost in the mass of people scurrying along the street. And the artistic merits of the sculpture suggest not the talented actor and the sculptor’s skill, but the notorious “Chinese quality” …


StoneHedge, UK

Stonehenge, the burial place of the ancient inhabitants of the island of Britain – the Druids, is located near the English city of Amesbury. Scientists date the third millennium BC, this is one of the oldest creations of man on Earth.

But tourists who have traveled about 130 kilometers from London to Stonehenge are most often disappointed. Not everyone knows the archaeological and historical details associated with the burial, but everyone can watch. And to see there, besides a pile of large stones, there is nothing special either. You can’t even come closer and touch the stones – it is forbidden by the administration of the monument.


disappointing sights: Floating Market, Thailand

The floating market in Bangkok is really, as they say in the guidebooks, the one, only, unique. Probably, his problems are also connected with this – the market is located right on fragile little boats, the owners of which demonstrate their ability to maneuver and wipe competitors simultaneously with the trading process. This is dangerous, injuries are frequent in the floating market, including among tourists. And it’s best to admire the “seafood and the jungle” from a distance – the European stomach may not accept specific Thai food, even consumed in the fresh sea air ….


Topkapi Palace, Turkey

The famous palace of the Turkish Sultans, a ticket which costs a considerable amount, invites its guests to take a unique walk through the harem. Tourists, whipped up by imagination and legends about the inhabitants of the harems, do not spare money, and after 40 minutes they leave very disappointed.

The main attraction of the harem, in which for many decades no one lives – an ancient mosaic. Performed in full accordance with Muslim traditions – without images of people or animals. There are approximately the same mosaics in other palaces, but their visit will cost a tourist ten times cheaper.

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