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Holidays in the Russian Baltic

Hot and noisy resorts by the warm seas are not popular with everyone. And not everyone can afford them, if we talk about Thailand, Egypt, the Turkish Mediterranean and other foreign tourist destinations popular with Russians …

The look of a Russian, choosing a place to relax in accordance with his slightly conservative habits and the modest possibilities of a wallet, involuntarily turns to the sea, which washes our northwestern coast – the Baltic.

Holidays in the Baltic

Russian Baltic

The Baltic coast of Russia in the northern part is St. Petersburg, Vyborg, the places themselves are very interesting, but the cold and harsh waves of the Gulf of Finland are not enough for a classic holiday in its summer, beach version. Another thing is the Kaliningrad region, a very peculiar region, the most western in Russia.

The region does not border with other Russian regions either by land or by sea, which, of course, creates certain transport difficulties for domestic tourists. But these difficulties can not be compared with the bureaucratic red tape when applying for visas, passports, the cost of a flight / trip to Kaliningrad is also very sparing. Every day, more than a dozen flights depart from Moscow and St. Petersburg to the Kaliningrad Khrabrovo Airport. And if you have a passport to Kaliningrad, you can go by train.

Calm softness


Water in the Baltic Sea off the Russian coast rarely warms above 20 ° C, air above 30 ° C, and this temperature only lasts from July to September. For some, this may be a minus, but if you recall the catastrophic heat of the summer of 2010, when passengers arriving in Kaliningrad from red-hot Moscow stood for a long time at the airport building and breathed, breathed the cool sea air … The author of these lines also remembered them it is an unforgettable feeling of gentle, calm coolness.

Such is the rest in the Baltic in general – preferably calm, contemplative. Although there are quite crowded beaches here, for example, in Zelenogradsk, and even a casino (in the Kaliningrad region there is one of the four gaming zones of Russia – “Yantar”). But in general, it is not crowded, there are no crowds and queues that are usual for southern Russian resorts. Families come here willingly, although there are not so many entertainments for children. But then you do not need to worry about the fact that the child will receive heat stroke or burn in the sun.

Beach in Zelenogradsk, Baltic

Surprisingly, even bikers, Russian, Belarusian and Lithuanian who like to hang out on the Curonian Spit, do not make much noise with their motorcycle monsters. Scythe remains as quiet and mysterious.

Holidays in the Russian Baltic: Curonian Spit


Holidays on the Russian coast of the Baltic, as they say, are mostly contemplative. And to contemplate, with benefit not only for the body, but also for the mind, there is something here.


Kaliningrad – the former German city of Konigsberg, for many centuries the territory of the current Kaliningrad region was part of East Prussia. The German period of history left its mark on the architectural appearance of coastal cities.

So, for example, Svetlogorsk is the former German resort town of Rauschen, in the architecture of old buildings, the outlines of either the church (Lutheran church) or the severe “Bundeshalle” – an administrative building, are guessed. And on the Curonian Spit in some places preserved peaked fishing houses …

Holidays in the Russian Baltic, Svetlogorsk

Visiting the sea is a good reason to learn more about it. Kaliningrad in this sense gives one hundred points of odds to any coastal city, because it is here that the unique Museum of the World Ocean is located. Fish, shellfish, and algae are collected in museum collections from all over the planet. If you are lucky, you can even see how a shark gives birth. And at the pier of the museum – a real scientific ship and a combat submarine.

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